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About us

Official pineapplem3.com Trademark

Founder & CEO : Nirmal Ram

Company Type : Robotics & A.I Startup 

Company Status :  Startup Pre-Incubation stage 

Founded Year : August 2016

Number of Employees : 7 Employees

Portfolios : 8 + Robotics & A.I Projects

Official Website : https://pineapplem3.com


About Company Status :  Pre-incubation Stage

 Pre-incubation stage mainly focuses on ideation stage, where technologist having a potential innovative idea can be provided with a co-working space. During this period, the entrepreneur takes up the role of a ‘techno-evangelist’ who develops the idea to into a proof of concept and prepares him for understanding the technical feasibility of the idea proposed.

Milestones of  Company
Pineapplem3 is online based startup company founded in 2016 focusing on Providing IT based services like Graphics designing, web designing, Apps, and games development. Recently we also made a milestones based on Artificial Intelligence & Robotics based projects. We are recently working on blogging about recent advancement in technology and also still working to come up with new business model to bring company towards public. Our main objective or mission is to create Technologies for both personal and business purpose. On August 2017 pineapplem3 acquired the domain pineapplem3.Com and hosted for the budget of $60 /yr. Our Milestones and Portfolios are as follows PineappleM3 was founded in August 2016, with the idea of making apps but any moves failed to materialize and everything came to a standstill. We tried launching again in December 2016, but as fate had it for us we again failed to launch. A decision was made in June 2017 when we started planning and started designing our business model. We started working on our site in July 2017.We launched our site in august 2017 with idea of selling themes which can be used for business presentations, Seminars, Project Works, and people from all walks of life. In the same month, we bought about an advancement to our business model. Our company was officially launched in October 2017 along with D-stores, myWork.inc, Gene Ai Virtual Assistant, My Journals and more. Our company is currently working on Artificial Intelligence, software, games & apps development & websites designing and also provides workshops and campaign in Technical Fields. We intend to expand into hardware Field into the future of developing a Smart computers & Other Devices which is useful to anyone and can be used by anyone. Our Vision for This is to make a group of people with different ideas and help each other for bring this to success and also we focus to empower the weaker sections of society by Providing Free of Cost or Non-Profit Service. We look for people who have more passion than people with better academics. We follow a policy wherein if you have the passion and talent required for our company then you’re in. Talent is what matters! Our Milestones are as Follows .In 2016 we decide to start with e-commerce website for selling PowerPoint templates leading to a stable Release in August 2017 .On same year we started our freelancing Journey for web development , Graphical Editing , App development . On October 2017 we started Research in Artificial Intelligence leading to the foundation of pineapplem3 Gene A.I & Robotics Technology and Following days was a Revolution in the field of Artificial Intelligence .We Started doing many projects based on Artificial Intelligence and machine Learning in which Foundation of Gene Virtual Chatbot become the Game Changer for the company from nothing to something. The Gene Ai Revolution is still progressing. It’s on December 2017 we launched Gene 1.0 Virtual Assistant Chatbot based on Artificial Intelligence and later on 2018 we founded Ground Robots leading to the beginning of Robotic Foundation in the year 2018 onwards on May 2018 we founded Gene 2.0 Machine Learning Robot Named as BlackBot based on Autonomous car Algorithm. As an advancement for BlackBot we founded even better version robot named Boxot. On June 2018 we started research in Computer Vision leading to the foundation of advanced robot named as ReptileBot on same year we released many upgraded versions for Gene Virtual Robot (Gene 1.1, Gene 1.2, etc). Based on NPL (Natural language processing) & ASR (Automatic sound Recognition) we founded a voice Engine for Gene A.I named as VoiceBot. On July 2018 we started our Research in Cloud & Big Data in Deep Learning leading to the foundation of Gene 3.0 Robot named as M3GoBot based on Deep Learning and Computer Vision and our journey is going on without any limits. Looking forward to the foundation of pineapplem3 Computer Inc. : with Own Hardware and Operating Systems on 2019 also Gene Alpha : The A.i for everything expected to release on 2020.Follow us on social Medias for more updates and Stories Related to our passionate Journey

About Our Founder

Nirmal Ram is the Founder & CEO of pineapplem3 Inc , Co-Founder of Gene Ai Foundation & Researcher in Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning. Born on April 1998 in Kerala ,India . He’s a passionate Programmer & Developer . He believed in his work with ethics and filled with confidence. His start-up journey begins on 2016 , Skilled in handling 10+ computer Languages .He’s Hard worker , Freelancer & Instructor . He started earning with his Freelancing Journey since 2017. brought up pineapplem3.com worth about $67.16 in 2016.

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