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Boxot Robot developed by Pineapplem3 Robotics Inc. stable release on June 2018 is a improved version for Gene 2.0 BlackBot Robot. on May 2018 Gene 2.0 was released but company claimed the version should be improved and should tackle all advanced obstruction. this lead to new design and setup for Robot . Boxot have both manual and automated Control. which means if the driver is intended to control the vehicle by himself them he can but into a manual mode . Otherwise the vehicle is controlled fully by Gene A.I Engine. Boxot is a prototype to implement this application. This was a testing Robot and it become successful .This is where Artificial Intelligence comes into play and can be compared to the human brain, and the actual goal of Artificial Intelligence is for a self-driving car to conduct in-depth learning.

Over the past decade, the United States has seen a blast of autonomous vehicle technology that has flounced across the auto industry. This wave of progress includes all aspects of computer technology, software engineering, and thought-leaders from major automakers like Tesla, BMW, Ford, Audi, and even Google. While many have only underway hearing about autonomous technology recently, self-driving car research has been going on now for over 45 years.One of the initial research publications on autonomous vehicle technology can be found in an article IEEE Spectrum from 1969. In the featured article, lead engineers Robert E. Fenton and Karl W. Olson hypothesized that the future of automated vehicles would rely on “smart infrastructure” that would guide the cars on roadways.

Artificial Intelligence has many applications for these vehicles; among the more immediate and obvious functions:Directing the car to a gas station or recharge station when it is running low on fuel.Adjust the trip’s directions based on known traffic conditions to find the quickest route.Incorporate speech recognition for advanced communication with passengers.Eye tracking for improved driver monitoring.Natural language interfaces and virtual assistance technologies.Helping autonomous cars learn from each otherAt its core, Artificial Intelligence is a complex algorithm that simulates how the human brain learns. Instead of hard-coding an autonomous car with thousands of “If-Then” statements, software engineers create an algorithm that outlines to the car’s onboard computers various examples of what is right, wrong, safe, and unsafe for the car to perform.

Self-driving cars are rapidly evolving as we see unbelievable innovation in hardware, software, and computing capabilities. However, as we progress toward advanced automobiles, one of the controlling aspects restricting the growth of this field is Artificial Intelligence and machine learning.Unless autonomous cars can interpret the many types of objects and situations surrounding them, they cannot make satisfactory decisions. Instead of evolving millions of rules, a sophisticated learning algorithm needed to develop and standardized across the industry.The entire self-driving car industry will suffer if only specific makes and models of self-driven cars are tailored with proper Artificial Intelligence software. Because, while not necessarily accurate, our society views all autonomous cars as a single entity.If a Tesla causes an accident or an Uber speeds through a red light, our society attributes that error to all autonomous car technology.This means that not only does the future of autonomous cars depend on advanced Artificial Intelligence algorithms; self-driving cars also rely on the calibration of that algorithm across all autonomous vehicles. Without this shared technology, we cannot expect our society or policy makers to accept autonomous cars on public roads on a wide-scale.

Nirmal Ram is the Founder & CEO of pineapplem3 Inc , Co-Founder of Gene Ai Foundation & Researcher in Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning. Born on April 1998 in Kerala ,India . He's a passionate Programmer & Developer . He believed in his work with ethics and filled with confidence. His start-up journey begins on 2016 , Skilled in handling 10+ computer Languages .He's Hard worker , Freelancer & Instructor . He started earning with his Freelancing Journey since 2017. brought up pineapplem3.com worth about $67.16 in 2016.