//Gene A.I virtual Assistant Chatbot

Gene A.I virtual Assistant Chatbot

Gene A.I virtual Assistant Chatbot is a software in which it stimulates the human behavior and give response  to human queries. Gene was founded on December 2017 by group of young engineers at Pineapplem3 Robotics Inc. Co-founded and Developed at Pineapplem3 IDC lab . Gene is Co-Founded by Nirmal Ram , Faseen Mohammed and Minna Davis . all are Computer Engineering Students while doing the project. Gene Virtual Assistant or chatting Robot is a Good Example for Artificial Intelligence. on 2018 pineapplem3 Robotics Inc was Formed and later Released many upgraded versions for Gene chatbot. Gene1.1 and Gene1.2 was released in 2018. The basic code used for Gene ChatBot is AIML . AIML is the special Language extended from XML which is mostly used in chatbot . and many server side scripting programs was also included in the list. More than 6 language is used in which AIML is mostly used

Chatbot are software or an application that chats with humans, it simulates as a girl, women, and man in common it has a human like personality it deals talking with lots of humans at same time.

Chatbot are considered to be Better, Faster and smarter as they can respond depending on the situation and context. But the development of complex algorithms is required for making this possible. As an advancement they have the ability to Overthink and Sense things. When a complex algorithm mixed together it leads to an Unexpected Answers.

When we go deep into Artificial Intelligence Robot like Sophia made by Hanson has got citizenship of Saudi Arabia because she learns new stuffs every single day interacting with humans. She is made of languages like AIML, PROLOG and C-Sharp where majority is AIML. Maybe Sophia will be great help for us in future.

Chatbot have vast applications like handling peers, clients or customer for different sectors like shopping, leisure, information .In future they can be adopted as guide , teacher or even as Doctors.

Artificial means something that is not natural, artificial Intelligence means creating or inventing machines that Imitates human intelligence. In 1966 the first Chabot prototype came created by joseph, he named it Eliza which passed the Turing test. (The test to determine the efficiency of Chabot, to determine whether it could imitate human, computer is capable of tricking humans to believe it is also a human (in virtual communication)) where the Turing test is named after Alan Turing.

The language in which AI (Artificial intelligence) Chatbot are programmed is AIML (Artificial Intelligence Markup Language) an XML-based language is made by Dr.Richard.S.Wallace (known as the father of AIML) in 2001 for development of the A.L.I.C.E. Chabot.

Nowadays AI has grown so greatly that Chatbot can lead highly engaging and human-like conversations, allowing businesses to use affordable and, in many cases, cost-effective. Technology to engage with more customer and automate a range of processes. Where Google and apple made a Huge Impact.

Foreseeing huge potential, businesses are starting to invest in the bot commerce. Numerous e-commerce brands have already implemented Chatbot on messaging and collaboration channels for customer support, human resources, or even in Internet-of-Things (IoT) projects. Now there emerged third-party Chatbot solutions that enable online retailers to embed Chatbot into their websites fast and easily. In future Chat-bots can touch our daily life. They can be everywhere around us. There is a huge hope where we all have a personal assistant which can do a lot for us. I see a future where Chatbot makes a Revolution.

Nirmal Ram is the Founder & CEO of pineapplem3 Inc , Co-Founder of Gene Ai Foundation & Researcher in Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning. Born on April 1998 in Kerala ,India . He's a passionate Programmer & Developer . He believed in his work with ethics and filled with confidence. His start-up journey begins on 2016 , Skilled in handling 10+ computer Languages .He's Hard worker , Freelancer & Instructor . He started earning with his Freelancing Journey since 2017. brought up pineapplem3.com worth about $67.16 in 2016.