//[ coming soon ] M3GoBot Releasing Soon

[ coming soon ] M3GoBot Releasing Soon

M3GoBot Releasing Soon . in abstact : M3GoBot is the advanced version of Gene Reptile Bot based on Deep learning and computer vision.the exact releasing date is not published . still in development stage.

**Documentation will appear after the event .  Note , online based events may or may not contain documentations

Nirmal Ram is the Founder & CEO of pineapplem3 Inc , Co-Founder of Gene Ai Foundation & Researcher in Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning. Born on April 1998 in Kerala ,India . He's a passionate Programmer & Developer . He believed in his work with ethics and filled with confidence. His start-up journey begins on 2016 , Skilled in handling 10+ computer Languages .He's Hard worker , Freelancer & Instructor . He started earning with his Freelancing Journey since 2017. brought up pineapplem3.com worth about $67.16 in 2016.