//[ Closed ] Webmaster Session 1

[ Closed ] Webmaster Session 1

In connection with KTU TechFest . pineapplem3.com conducting a workshop in associated with KTUQBANK & Kerala Startup Mission powered by IEDC of Sahrdaya college of Engineering and Technology , Kerala. The event was successful with more than 50 + participants from all around kerala.

Having a good active volunteers  Vishnu Narayan V ,Mithu Raveendran, Sneha Haridas, Varsha A, Mohammed Faseen, Sheethal Shaji, Ranjana A & Rohan Pallichadath Nair this program was a huge success.

The workshop was mainly targeted for beginners to intermediates who could easily start
building website using the popular Content Management System (CMS) – WordPress.
The Workshop was conducted on 25th February 2018 at Accenture lab, Sahrdaya College Of
Engineering And Technology, Kodakara from 10.00 AM to 5.00 PM. The sessions were handled
by Vishnu Narayan V and Nirmal Ram.
Participants included students, Faculties and Employees from various places like Kottayam,
Kozhikode, Trivandrum etc. attended the workshop..


The Registration for the total 70 Seats for the Webmaster Workshop Started On February 10th
2018 on YepDesk Online Registration Platform and Seats were filled on 15th February 2018
(Within 5 days).The seats filled faster than we expected. The Registration fee for the same was
120 Rs/- .
We tried our very best to get maximum number of registrations as fast as possible as we were
informed that our time slot will be reduced to half if we could not fill atleast 30 seats by 20 th
February. Since webmaster workshop was conducted by students.compared to other workshops
which was conducted by experts of the field, there was a doubt if we could get participants .
The Registration was done after a screening test which made sure that the people who registered
were interested and expected the same as we could deliver to them.We were happy that we
could set the registration fee to the minimum so that everyone could attend the workshop and
could be benefitted from the same.

The webmaster word press workshop was a new experience to all the members of webmaster. Being
the students of second year B-tech we were just familiar of attending workshops but conducting a
workshop was far from our thoughts. We started our work on 10th February 2018.the next 15 days we
worked together with just the success of the workshop in our mind. We planned for smallest of small
things about the workshop. Working as a team was more fun.
We shared our ideas, thoughts and queries and then made the day. 25th of February would remain in
our hearts for ever. As most of the participants were externals we had great time interacting with
Meeting and interacting with new people, sharing our knowledge, helping them to build their skills was
an entirely different experience. The participants included high school teachers, professionals and
students so we were well prepared for each of their expectations. The team work of the webmaster
members led to the success of the workshop.


Report Prepared by : Vishnu Narayanan

Nirmal Ram is the Founder & CEO of pineapplem3 Inc , Co-Founder of Gene Ai Foundation & Researcher in Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning. Born on April 1998 in Kerala ,India . He's a passionate Programmer & Developer . He believed in his work with ethics and filled with confidence. His start-up journey begins on 2016 , Skilled in handling 10+ computer Languages .He's Hard worker , Freelancer & Instructor . He started earning with his Freelancing Journey since 2017. brought up pineapplem3.com worth about $67.16 in 2016.